SciFiDig 251 – Trekkin'

This week it’s a Trek episode. Nuchtchas and Tech tell us about Star Trek Online. I discuss the DS9 episode Blood Oath. New DVD releases and the usual chat.

Time 1:21:08

Talk about it.

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  1. Anneke Says:

    I have to disagree that the latest movie doesn’t fit in with the canon. If Spock, in his very old age, had not appeared in the new movie, it could easily be seen as not being canon with the other series’. However, as he is included, it could be argued (quite well) that this is in fact canon, and it’s merely the Star Trek characters in an alternate universe. Rather, an alternate universe intersects ours, and thusly makes the universe we’ve come to know (and love/hate) the ‘alternate universe”, and the new movie is the “actual” universe. It creates interesting possibilities.

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