The Community

SciFiDig has a great community and they are a creative bunch. Here is a list of links where you can find and enjoy more of their work. I will try to keep adding to this as I get more info. If you aren’t listed then send an email to me at with your name and where you can be found on the web.

  • Bruce makes comics and they can be found here at Dutchy Digest
  • Matt takes some great photos and the can be found here at
  • Nuchtchas creates some great art and has done voice work for several podcasts. You can find her at
  • Shayne has a blog where he writes about his geek lifestyle (when he’s not watching DVDs or finding great deals on DVDs to share with the diggers). It can be found here.
  • Mike is the co-host of the Gatecast podcast. He also has a geek related site called Starsend.
  • Terez provides some great info over at Regain Your Relationship.

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